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Welcome to the Macintosh Power User Group!

There are user groups in the area that focus on helping the novice Apple computer user. The Macintosh Power User Group (MacPUG) was created for the more advanced user. Our members consist of computer consultants, Apple employees, and the go-to-person on the IT staff. If you don't know how to build an iPhone app, repair disk permissions, build a web page, or what to do with the command line, then you may need to look for another user group to help you with your particular computer concerns and interests.

One goal for this user group is to create an email list of our members so we can contact each other in order to find solutions to problems that can't be found in the manual or on Apple's support web site.

For more info, contact Trevor Misisco, trevor at macpug.com.

We are still growing, so bookmark this page and come back to see what's new.